How the Indicators are structured

The Indicators for Democratic Parliaments have a four-level structure, consisting of targets, indicators, dimensions and assessment criteria.

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There are one or more indicators within each target. 


Each indicators corresponds to an area of parliamentary work. 


Here is the list of all the indicators.


There are 25 indicators in total.


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There are one or more dimensions within each indicator. 


The dimensions provide a more detailed look at the theme of the indicator. 


Each dimension contains an aspiring goal that describes an ideal situation to aim for, as well as two or more assessment criteria.


There are 108 dimensions in total. 

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Assessment criteria


Each dimension contains two or more assessment criteria


Parliament assesses its capacity and practice against these criteria.


For each assessment criterion, parliaments gather evidence, assign a grade and develop recommendations for improvement. 


Here are more details about the assessment process


There are 500 assessment criteria in total. 

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